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the site

Guinea Pigs Club is a worldwide guinea pigs portal with an average of 14,500 visitors a month. I’ve designed this site in Photoshop, built the HTML (CSS) and built a simple CMS for the articles section with Dreamweaver. I’ve also created all Flash animations in this site and I’ve work a lot on SEO for it to be a success.

"This site is a good reference for anybody who owns a Guinea Pig or is thinking of having a cavy as a pet. You can find helpful information on everything about caring, breeding, feeding (food), ideas on how to house your guinea pig, information and pictures of Guinea Pigs varieties, things to know about breeding your cavies, history, useful links, an FAQ section from where you can send your questions, also GAMES about guinea pigs and now you can download our free  Screen Savers. "


Guinea Pigs Club

the social network

Guinea Pigs Network is Phase 2 of and it’s a social network for guinea pig lovers. I’ve built this site with ELGG (open source) and customized the HTML and CSS to brand it with the Guinea Pigs Club Theme. At the moment it has more the 2,500 active members using it.


Guinea Pigs Social Network

the micro site

Guinea Pigs Malta is a micro site dedicated to Maltese Guinea Pig owners and makes part of


Guinea Pigs Malta

the merchandizing

For Guinea Pigs Club I've also designed all merchandizing material which includes cool t-shirts, shirts, hats, caps, mugs, track suits, clocks, dog t-shirts, bags, calendars, mousepads, infant bodysuits, pet bowls, hamster-club soft toys and much more!


The Guinea Pigs Shop

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